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Westwood is the industry’s hub for offshore energy intelligence; the go-to partner for those looking to understand what’s happening in the market and assemble their strategies. Against a rapidly transitioning landscape, our Offshore Energy Services division provides holistic coverage of the offshore energy supply chain from rigs and production facilities to subsea, marine and renewables.

With our bespoke online solutions, including RigLogix, PlatformLogix and SubseaLogix, our clients can cut through the noise to monitor market activity daily, identify and assess commercial opportunities and stay ahead of the competition.

The offshore challenges we solve

To beat competitors to the punch, our clients rely on speed and accuracy of information. For example, a recent EPC client was looking to expand its project pipeline. The problem was it relied heavily on existing customer relationships for business. It needed new sources of business, and knew from experience that the earlier they could engage with a prospect, the higher their likelihood of success.

Using SubseaLogix, the client was able to quickly identify who had upcoming field FIDs and the contract timelines surrounding those projects, supported by round the clock access to Westwood’s offshore analysts. What’s more, combined with quarterly reports reflecting macro trends, the company was able to use the data to rethink its long-term project strategy.

That same data-led approach is applicable to many types of business challenges. For example, we know that Rig Managers require deep and comprehensive market intelligence in order to optimise their tendering processes and ultimately win more business. Through a subscription to RigLogix a recent new Rig Manager client was able to quickly identify future rig requirements, and the availability of local competitive rigs, as well as their specifications and most recent commercial terms. This meant that they would, and are now, more competitive during tenders.

Other recent examples which demonstrate the wide breadth of application include a marine services company looking to support operators/owners with their hazardous area management for electrical components following completion, and who therefore needed accurate insight on various projects’ statuses. In another case we supported a helicopter-leasing company looking to gauge likely upcoming projects in need of their services based on distance to shore to help estimate fuel-costs. Our approach is a dynamic one: never one size fits all.

This need for accurate, up-to-date insight is critical for all parts of the offshore sector – there is no such thing as a simple project in a marine environment. As well as informing clients on rigs and subsea equipment activity, we also provide the same level of service for floating and fixed production facilities with PlatformLogix.

What benefits do our intelligence solutions offer?

The core advantage common to all of our solutions is that they provide instant, expert access to comprehensive market intelligence through a single offshore platform. When trying to put together a strategy, it’s vital to leave no stone unturned and be confident that you’re not missing opportunities; likewise if you’re in a race with the competition, time spent gathering data in-house is time spent slipping behind. Our solutions negate those risks.

But benefits go further than that. Our clients have access to expert Westwood Global Energy Group market analysts to help them make sense of and contextualise the data, as well as providing regular reports on macro trends and industry direction. That expertise means we can also be flexible and find the right solution for each client.

What do our clients say?

Our clients are unanimous in that their lead pipelines are healthier and their business strategies are better informed thanks to our offshore intelligence – and all while saving time manually trawling a patchwork of third-party data sources themselves.

The cardinal rule in the energy supply chain business is that ‘the sooner you can see it, the more likely you are to win it’. Getting the right information fast is indispensable in a competitive business climate.

Speed, accuracy, coverage: these are the words that come up time and again when describing experience with our solutions. Why not book a demo and try for yourself?