Westwood Global Energy Group featured in the news:


Norwegian offshore wind article in World Wind Technology magazine:

Nordic green energy and grey areas

World Wind Technology 12/2023

Oil Review sources World Land Drilling Rig Market Forecast report:

MENA land rig demand set to rise almost 50% from 2023-2027: Westwood

Oil Review Middle East 06/12/2023

Westwood carbon capture and storage (CCS) data featured:

Westwood: UK’s sizeable carbon storage pipeline at risk due to project delays

Carbon Capture Journal 01/12/2023

Is UK at risk of falling short of its CCS targets despite potential to surpass them?

Offshore Energy 01/12/2023
Infomarine 01/12/2023

Carbon capture and storage analysis from Westwood shows risk to UK CCS targets:

Bite-sized updates from around the world – CCS at risk

Carbon Pulse 28/11/2023

UK: Westwood Insight – Despite sizable project pipeline, further delays could result in the UK missing CCS targets

Energy Pedia 28/11/2023

Delays pose ‘significant risk’ to UK CCS targets

Energy Voice 28/11/2023

UK on track to surpass carbon storage goals but delays ‘will mean UK misses 2030 targets’

Gas World 28/11/2023

Westwood: UK’s sizeable carbon storage pipeline at risk due to project delays

Global Underwater Hub 28/11/2023

Offshore report: CO2 capture pipeline at risk in UK; Saipem lands US$1.9Bn in contracts

Riviera 30/11/2023

Westwood: Project delays threaten UK’s ambitious CCS targets

World Oil 29/11/2023

Westwood’s new Hydrogen offering and insight:

Government support gives impetus to Benelux hydrogen ‘hub’

Windpower Monthly 23/11/2023

Netherlands, Belgium have potentials to supply 62pc of EU’s H2 import target

Emerging Technology News 17/11/2023

Westwood Insight – The Netherlands vs Belgium: Who Will Win the Battle as Northwest Europe’s Leading Hydrogen Import Hub?

FuelCellWorks 17/11/2023

The Netherlands and Belgium well-placed to become Northwest Europe’s leading hydrogen import hub

Global Hydrogen Review 17/11/2023

Westwood: The Netherlands and Belgium well-placed to become Northwest Europe’s leading hydrogen import hubs with a collective 6.2Mtpa target

OGV Energy 16/11/2023

Westwood: Netherlands & Belgium could lead hydrogen imports in NW Europe

Offshore Energy 16/11/2023

Netherlands & Belgium could lead H2 imports in NW Europe

Hydrogen Europe 16/11/2023

Westwood Insight – The Netherlands vs Belgium – Who will win the battle as Northwest Europe’s leading hydrogen import hub?

Hydrogen Central 16/11/2023

Netherlands and Belgium can supply nearly two-thirds of EU hydrogen import target

H2 View 16/11/2023

Westwood analysis on shrinking premium vessel supply:

Offshore activity growing, but vessel pressures causing concern

Offshore Magazine 10/10/2023

New Wells and Production Outlook report featured:

Liquids and gas production set to reach 173 mmboepd by 2030, with 9% growth on 2022 levels – Westwood Global Energy Group

Energy-pedia 09/10/2023

Substantial Drilling Activity to Help Elevate Liquid and Gas Output

Rigzone 06/10/2023

Westwood: Nigeria’s oil and gas sector set to liven up with 140 new wells drilled year-on-year to 2030

Platform Magazine 05/10/2023

Westwood Global Energy Group: Middle East and Americas to account for two thirds of oil and gas output by 2030

Oilfield Technology 03/10/2023

Mozambique one of the regions to lead gas production, finds Westwood

Oil Review Africa 03/10/2023

Westwood: 9% growth on liquid & gas production

World Pipelines 03/10/2023

Energy Voice interview’s Michela Francisco:

Nigeria to struggle in growth plans, Westwood warns

Energy Voice 07/09/2023

Interview with African Energy on Nigerian output:

Nigeria aims for crude output boost, but rosy forecasts create potential for disappointment

Africa Energy 10/09/2023

Optimism in North Sea despite challenges:

Offshore Europe: Westwood analyst sees optimism in Aberdeen despite North Sea region’s challenges

World Oil 07/09/2023

Yvonne Telford quoted on North Sea licences:

Justifying new North Sea licences ‘very simple’, hears Aberdeen event

Energy Voice 01/09/2023

Michela Francisco on Nigeria’s oil and gas sector:

Westwood: Nigeria’s oil and gas sector set to liven up with 140 new wells drilled year-on-year to 2030

energy-pedia 26/08/2023
Offshore Magazine 25/08/2023
Hellenic Shipping News 25/08/2023
Upstream 24/08/2023
Hart Energy 24/08/2023
Head Topics 24/08/2023
Oil Review Africa 23/08/2023
Oilfield Technology 23/08/2023
Petroleum Africa 23/08/2023
The Energy Republic 23/08/2023

Wall Street Journal interviews Peter Lloyd-Williams:

Wind Industry in Crisis as Problems Mount

Wall Street Journal 07/08/2023

Offshore drilling rig rate article from Terry Childs:

Rig Dayrates Have Risen, So Where Are The New Rig Orders?

Offshore Engineer 31/07/2023

Westwood quoted in Guyana exploration articles:

It’s in Exxon’s interest to show increased resources but they have to analyse the data – Jagdeo

Oil NOW 29/07/2023

Multiple new discoveries made in Guyana, but Hess says no update yet on new resource estimate

Oil NOW 27/07/2023

Offshore wind cost inflation from Peter Lloyd-Williams:

‘Serious jeopardy’: Is Vattenfall’s North Sea offshore wind halt first domino to fall in Britain’s net zero plans?

Recharge 20/07/2023

Teresa Wilkie on harsh environment semisubs:

Drilling dayrates soar amid global semisub sell-out

World Oil 06/07/2023
Upstream 06/07/2023
Energy Voice 05/07/2023
Offshore Magazine 05/07/2023

Offshore Support Journal Rigs Report:

Rigs report: significant North Sea projects approved; another discovery reported offshore Guyana

Offshore Support Journal 05/07/2023

Offshore wind article quotes Westwood:

From dead whales to nimbys: seven big headaches for American offshore wind

Recharge 05/07/2023

Westwood announces knowledge partnership with WFO:

Westwood announces knowledge partnership with the World Forum Offshore Wind

Offshore Engineering & Equipment 05/07/2023
North American Clean Energy 03/07/2023
reNEWS 03/07/2023
Windtech International 03/07/2023

Stuart Leitch discusses Energy transition themes:

Energy Transition themes in the UK and Norway

Renewables Now 20/06/2023

OGV interviews Peter Lloyd-Williams at Global Offshore Wind:

Global Offshore Wind 2023 – Interview with Westwood Global Energy Group

OGV Energy 19/06/2023

North Sea rig article quotes Teresa Wilkie:

A tale of two North Seas: Norway incentivizes drilling while UK levy could lead to rig loss

Offshore Magazine 15/06/2023

Offshore wind cost inflation white paper by Peter Lloyd-Williams:

Offshore wind capex costs predicted to soar in light of inflation

Nikkei Asia 30/06/2023
E&E News 20/06/2023
Ocean News & Technology 15/06/2023
Offshore Engineering & Equipment 15/06/2023
Offshore Source 15/06/2023
Offshore Wind Biz 15/06/2023
Brazil Energy Insight 13/06/2023
Energy Magz 13/06/2023
Energy Voice 13/06/2023
North American Clean Energy 13/06/2023
Offshore Engineer 13/06/2023
Recharge 13/06/2023
Windtech International 13/06/2023
reNEWS 13/06/2023

Yvonne Telford comments on Apache North Sea drilling:

Apache sale ‘likely’, NSTA not expected to force change of operator

Energy Voice 13/06/2023

Review of UK’s First Carbon Storage Licensing Round:

Westwood analyzes winning bids for UK carbon storage lease round

Offshore Magazine 30/05/2023

UK: Westwood Insight – The UK’s 1st Carbon Storage Licence Round

energy-pedia 29/05/2023

Who have been the UK North Sea exploration standouts?

Energy Voice 26/05/2023

Westwood quoted in Middle East drilling article:

Aramco driving increased jack-up rig demand in Middle East

Upstream 25/05/2023

David Linden on cost inflation:

Trouble at Trollvind | Does Equinor’s shelved giant spell storm clouds for floating wind?

Recharge 23/05/2023

Onshore drilling demand growth:

GCC onshore drilling rig demand set to grow 25% by 2027: Westwood Insight

Oil Review Middle East 22/05/2023

Westwood Insight – GCC onshore drilling rig demand forecast for 25% growth by 2027

Hellenic Shipping News 18/05/2023

Onshore drilling to boom in Middle East, Westwood predicts

Energy Voice 17/05/2023

Thom Payne on OSV supply:

Asian banks got burned by offshore. ‘I don’t think they will be back’

Tradewinds 08/05/2023

Westwood RigLogix data features in rigs report:

Rigs report: Chevron eyes drillship for Eastern Med; Transocean hits US$8.6Bn backlog

Riviera 19/04/2023

Rigs report: Seadrill-Aquadrill merger complete; Odfjell lands US$290M rig contract in North Sea

Riviera 06/04/2023

World Oil article references offshore analysis:

Offshore sector appears headed for a sustained run

World Oil 15/04/2023

Well slot data sourced from Westwood Atlas:

UK well slot – Big hopes at Benriach

Energy Voice 05/04/2023

Wall Street Journal interviews Head of RigLogix, Terry Childs:

Exxon Quits Drilling in Brazil After Failing to Find Oil

Wall Street Journal 05/04/2023

Onexpo 06/04/2023

FLNG outlook according to Westwood PlatformLogix:

Africa to take centre stage for FLNG plans

Energy Voice 05/04/2023

Westwood forecasts investments of US$ 35 billion in the FLNG market by 2027

Petroleohoje 04/04/2023

Westwood Expects Boom in FLNG Development Amid Global Push to Secure Energy Supplies

Natural Gas Intelligence 04/04/2023

Africa leading growth of FLNGs in mid-late 2020s

Offshore Magazine 04/04/2023

Hart Energy interviews Head of RigLogix, Terry Childs:

Rig Providers Focus on Advancements to Keep Up with E&P’s Needs

Hart Energy 27/03/2023

Offshore sanctions article quotes Westwood:

Exxon’s Uaru project to be among key early 2023 offshore sanctions, says Westwood Energy

OilNOW 26/03/2023

RigLogix Director, Teresa Wilkie quoted on North Sea rig exodus:

Westwood: UK’s windfall tax puts oil & gas investments at risk, with domino effect on North Sea rig demand

Offshore Energy 24/03/2023

Windfall tax accelerating North Sea rig exodus warns Westwood

Energy Voice 24/03/2023

Westwood RigLogix data features in rigs report:

Rigs report: Gulf of Mexico permitting faces court challenge, Shell hits oil offshore Namibia

Riviera 09/03/2023

Hydrogen White Paper from Hydrogen Director, Joyce Grigorey:

Westwood – Lack of Certainty in Government Policy Risks Stymieing UK Hydrogen Pipeline

Hydrogen Central 08/03/2023

H2 Bulletin 08/03/2023

Recharge 08/03/2023

Hydrogen Insights 08/03/2023

Gas Pathways 08/03/2023

Edie 08/03/2023

Energy Voice 07/03/2023

Global Hydrogen Review 07/03/2023

ReNews 07/03/2023

Offshore Energy 07/03/2023

InfoMarine 07/03/2023

Offshore rig scrapping sentiment according to Teresa Wilkie:

Offshore rig scrapping lowest in years as recovery intensifies

Offshore Magazine 03/03/2023

Head of NW Europe, Emma Cruickshank on high-impact drilling in the UK:

UK, Norway drilling to rebound in 2023 – Westwood

OilNOW 26/02/2023

UK the current focus for high-impact drilling in NW Europe

Offshore Magazine 22/02/2023

Westwood RigLogix data features in rigs report:

Rigs report: Transocean adds another US$1.9Bn backlog

Riviera 15/02/2023

North Sea discovery opens up new prospects:

Shell Pensacola discovery opens ‘new play fairway’ in North Sea

Energy Voice 09/02/2023

Offshore EPC award outlook from Research Director, Mark Adeosun:

Global Subsea Sector Set for Comeback

OGV Energy 14/02/2023

Offshore supply chain riding wave of O&G investment

Offshore Magazine 07/02/2023

Head of Global E&A, Graeme Bagley, shares upstream oil and gas review:

Volatility in oil & gas prices on the cards for 2023 after roller-coaster ride in 2022, says Westwood

Offshore Energy 06/02/2023

Upstream 03/02/2023

Energy Voice 01/02/2023

Offshore Engineer 01/02/2023

Petroleohoje 01/02/2023

Oilfield Technology 31/01/2023

Energy Northern 31/01/2023

Bahzad Ayoub quoted in Asia offshore wind articles:

There Aren’t Enough Ships to Install Giant Wind Turbines Across Asia

The National News 03/02/2023

The Japan Times 02/02/2023

Energy Connects 02/02/2023

Bloomberg 01/02/2023

Terry Childs give offshore rig fleet utilisation forecast:

Westwood: global offshore rig utilisation to average 95% in 2023

Riviera Maritime Media 30/01/2023

Global offshore rig utilisation to average 95% this year, says Westwood

Energy Voice 27/01/2023

Brazil’s PetróleoHoje interviews Mark Adeosun on the FPSO market:

Aumento do contágio na China não impactará o cronograma de construção de FPSOs, diz analista da Westwood

PetróleoHoje 27/01/2023

Westwood RigLogix data featured in offshore oil and gas article:

Offshore Oil And Gas Is Back, Baby

Offshore Oil 23/01/2023

Mark Adeosun talks trees in Wall Street Journal:

These Underwater ‘Trees’ Offer Clues to Where Offshore Oil Will Flow

Wall Street Journal 23/01/2023

Wall Street Journal interviews Teresa Wilkie on the offshore drilling market:

The Offshore Oil Business Is Gushing Again

Wall Street Journal 21/01/2023

Six key offshore wind themes to watch in 2023:

New auctions, new vessels, new entrants – Westwood shares 2023 offshore wind themes

Energy Voice 18/01/2023

Six key offshore wind themes to watch in 2023

Offshore Magazine 17/01/2023

US shale article quotes Onshore Analyst Luke Smith:

Is the USA Shale Boom Over?

Rigzone 17/01/2023

Positive outlook for land drilling activity:

Land Rig Activity In Key Regions Set To Rise In 2023

Rigzone 16/01/2023

Jamie Collard estimates 9bn boe discovered from high impact exploration in 2022:

High-impact exploration delivers more than 9 billion boe: Westwood

Upstream 13/01/2023

Higher Oil Prices Have Not Led to More Exploration

Rigzone 12/01/2023

South America to stay ‘key region for high-impact exploration’, Westwood says in 2023 outlook

Offshore Energy 12/01/2023

Frontier drilling delivering improved results, analyst finds

Offshore Magazine 12/01/2023


Westwood featured in Hart Energy article:

Oil Prices to Climb, 16 FPUs Expected to Reach Sanction in 2023

Hart Energy 20/12/2022

Mark Adeosun’s latest view on FPS throughput capacity:

Westwood: Record Levels of FPS Throughput Capacity to be Sanctioned in 2022

energy-pedia 19/12/2022
Offshore Magazine 09/12/2022
Rigzone 09/12/2022
Offshore Engineer 09/12/2022
Energy Voice 08/12/2022
Journal of Petroleum Technology 08/12/2022

2023 rig market predictions from RigLogix Director, Teresa Wilkie:

Reactivations, M&As and $500,000 dayrates… Westwood’s top 3 rig market predictions

Offshore Engineer 12/2022

Offshore Support Journal’s rig report:

Rigs Report: Westwood says North Sea utilisation to drop; BP faces North Sea strike

Riviera 30/11/2022

Westwood appoints new Director of Hydrogen:

Westwood appoints Director of Hydrogen to boost New Energies division

Offshore Magazine 02/12/2022
Rigzone 30/11/2022
Energy Northern 29/11/2022
Energy Voice 29/11/2022
FuelCellsWorks 29/11/2022
H2 View 29/11/2022
Hydrogen Central 29/11/2022
Offshore Engineer 29/11/2022
OGV Energy 29/11/2022

North Sea semisubmersibles leaving region:

Rigs departing North Sea despite increase in drilling day rates

WFXR Fox 29/11/2022

Westwood Insight – North Sea semisub fundamentals improving but more rigs leaving region

energy-pedia 25/11/2022

Vessels seek out new options in rig market risk to North Sea

AP News 25/11/2022

North Sea faces market risk as oil rigs head out for better prospects

UK Daily News 24/11/2022

Westwood partners with GeoClerk:

Westwood Wildcat joins the GeoClerk platform

Searcher Seismic 16/11/2022

Release of new Rig Emissions report from Teresa Wilkie:

Westwood: Equinor drives low-emission rig adoption in Norway and Brazil with rest of the world slower off the mark

Ecofin Agency 17/11/2022
Oilfield Technology 15/11/2022
Drilling Contractor 15/11/2022
Energy Northern 15/11/2022
Energy Voice 15/11/2022
Offshore Energy 15/11/2022
Offshore Engineer 15/11/2022
OGV Energy 15/11/2022
Offshore Source 15/11/2022
Power & Energy Solutions 15/11/2022

Mark Adeosun, Teresa Wilkie & Terry Childs discuss offshore fundamentals:

Offshore rig market fundamentals show strong signs of recovery

Offshore Magazine 28/10/2022

Onshore drilling market update from Westwood’s onshore team:

Analysts maintain optimistic outlook for onshore drilling market, but uncertainties remain

Drilling Contractor 24/10/2022

Offshore wind capacity to soar, according to David Linden and Peter Lloyd-Williams:

Offshore wind opportunity soars with 135 GW of potential capacity available in leasing rounds

Windfair 24/10/2022
Future Net Zero 12/10/2022
Petrobanca 12/10/2022
Rigzone 12/10/2022
Seatrade Maritime News 12/10/2022
Splash247 12/10/2022
Wind.IN-EN.com 12/10/2022
Energy Management 11/10/2022
Energy Northern 11/10/2022
Energy Voice 11/10/2022
Gulf Oil & Gas 11/10/2022
North American Clean Energy 11/10/2022
Offshore News & Technology 11/10/2022
Offshore Engineer 11/10/2022
Offshore Source 11/10/2022
Offshore Magazine 11/10/2022
OffshoreWIND.biz 11/10/2022
OGV Energy 11/10/2022
Renewables Now 11/10/2022
reNEWS 11/10/2022
Riviera 11/10/2022
Windtech International 11/10/2022
World Energy Trade 11/10/2022

Ben Wilby, Onshore Analyst, considers the shift in North America pipeline demand:

Whether higher prices will cause a drastic shift in North American pipeline demand

World Pipelines 10/2022

Offshore electrification article quotes Stuart Leitch:

Plug-In Platforms: The Push for Offshore Electrification

Journal of Petroleum Technology 01/10/2022

Ruth Chen’s article on Asia emerging as offshore wind powerhouse:

Asia emerging as offshore wind supply chain powerhouse

Offshore Magazine 03/10/2022
Offshore Wind Special Report 10/2022

The launch of Atlas New Energies brings with it new research and findings:

Current pipeline of blue hydrogen projects will exceed UK 2030 targets

Journal of Petroleum Technology 26/09/2022
Business Green 20/09/2022
Hydrogen East 20/09/2022
Rigzone 15/09/2022
Edie 15/09/2022
Energy Live News 15/09/2022
Energy Northern 14/09/2022
Energy Voice 14/09/2022
FuelCellsWorks 14/09/2022
Gasworld 14/09/2022
H2 View 14/09/2022
Hydrocarbon Engineering 14/09/2022
Hydrogen Central 14/09/2022
Ocean News & Tech 14/09/2022
Offshore Source 14/09/2022
OGV Energy 14/09/2022
Platform Magazine 14/09/2022
Pipeline & Gas Journal 14/09/2022
Energyst 14/09/2022
Aljazeera News Today 14/09/2022

Financial Times quotes Yvonne Telford in UK exploration:

Fracking groups seek further steps on Truss reforms

Financial Times 09/2022

Wilkie and Telford discuss North Sea activity in an interview with Hart Energy:

Tax Incentives Driving Activity Offshore Norway

Hart Energy 08/09/2022

Offshore UK Activity on Uptick

Hart Energy 06/09/2022

Todd Jensen’s latest onshore drilling analysis and five-year outlook:

Westwood Hints at a Land Rig Market Comeback Across the Globe

Oil Man 09/09/2022

‘World Land Drilling Rig Market Forecast’ unveils five-year outlook for land rigs

Oil Review Middle East 05/09/2022

Onshore drilling market outlook to 2026, according to Todd Jensen:

Westwood: Optimistic outlook for onshore drilling following global uptick in demand and dayrates

Hellenic Shipping News 27/08/2022
Hart Energy 26/08/2022
Rigzone 25/08/2022
World Oil 25/08/2022
OGV Energy 25/08/2022
Oil Price 25/08/2022
Oil and Gas 360 25/08/2022
Energy Northern 25/08/2022

Senior Analyst Yvonne Telford quoted on Foinaven field development:

The FPSO is away, but will the BP Foinaven field be redeveloped?

Energy Voice 16/08/2022

Ben Wilby’s market review of onshore pipeline demand in the Middle East:

Positive outlook for Middle East pipelines

Oil Review Middle East 15/08/2022

High impact exploration in 2022 from Jamie Collard:

Zimbabwe drilling campaign to drive African exploration in 2022

Further Africa 15/08/2022

High Impact Exploration Sees Rebound

Offshore Engineer 04/08/2022

Report: High-impact drilling edging upward globally

Offshore Magazine 04/08/2022

Muzarabani oil drilling to drive exploration in Africa

The Sunday Mail 04/08/2022

Westwood’s Norwegian well data referenced in Energy Voice:

Norway well slot: ConocoPhillips seeks Bounty and Lamba

Energy Voice 02/08/2022

Westwood analysis referenced in floating offshore wind article:

FROM THE MAGAZINE: Floating wind projects gather momentum

Heavy Lift 28/07/2022

The US hydraulic fracturing market according to Onshore Analyst, Luke Smith:

Horsepower, Sand Supply Limits Suggest Tight Frac Market

Hart Energy 26/07/2022

Mark Adeosun’s outlook on offshore O&G-related EPC spending:

Contractors in buoyant mood as five-year offshore EPC spend to total $276 billion

Offshore Magazine 21/07/2022
Global Underwater Hub 20/07/2022
Journal of Petroleum Technology 20/07/2022
Energy-Pedia 20/07/2022

Asia Pacific drilling market review from Senior Rig Analyst, Paul Ezekiel:

APAC jack-up utilization to ramp up to 95% this year

Sweet Crude Reports 18/07/2022

Report: Asia-Pacific rig rates, demand rising

Offshore Magazine 12/07/2022

Westwood analysis referenced in Drilling Contractor article:

Report: High-impact exploration drilling levels didn’t fall in 2021, but success rate did

Oil & Gas Markets 07/07/2022

New Energies Analyst, Stuart Leitch, on Norway’s emissions forecast and electrification projects:

Norway leads the way with emissions intensity and electrification projects

New Energy World 13/07/2022
Gas Pathways 06/07/2022
Offshore Energy 06/07/2022
Offshore Magazine 06/07/2022
Solicoop42 06/07/2022

Senior Onshore Analyst Ben Wilby’s take on demand for onshore O&G pipelines:

Will onshore pipeline demand take off with rocketing oil prices and new energies?

Energy Connects 12/07/2022
Hellenic Shipping News 04/07/2022

Bahzad Ayoub details what needs addressed in offshore wind to accelerate growth:

Collaborate or stagnate

Energy Global 28/06/2022

Westwood quoted in article discussing EU offshore wind target:

EU faces challenges in delivering on ambitious offshore wind target

Balkan Green Energy News 28/06/2022

Head of RigLogix, Terry Childs, gives his outlook on rig utilisation and dayrates:

Westwood: High rig utilization, increasing dayrates expected in multiple offshore regions in near term

Drilling Contractor 28/06/2022

Article on oil discoveries off Africa cites Westwood analysis:

Exciting discoveries off Africa result in oil block awards to Shell, APA by Uruguay

Oil News 24/06/2022

The floating offshore wind outlook according to Westwood:

15 GW of Floating Wind Capacity to Come Online by 2030 – Westwood Analysis

Offshore Wind 22/06/2022
reNEWS 22/06/2022

US onshore pipeline article reviews six key projects and their status of construction:

Proposed, under construction, abandoned: 6 key US pipeline projects

Construction Dive 21/06/2022

Head of Research NW Europe, Emma Cruickshank, shares results from Norway State of Exploration annual report:

Report: Drilling focus offshore Norway veering toward near-infrastructure opportunities

Offshore Magazine 20/06/2022

Norway State of Exploration 2012-2021 – Westwood Insight

Energy-Pedia 18/06/2022

Offshore Support Vessel (OSV) market review from Westwood & Braemar ACM:

Global active OSV fleet boosted by significant reactivations

Hellenic Shipping News 13/06/2022

Westwood data referenced in offshore exploration article:

Sobriety has the upper hand, for now, in exploration

Energy Voice 09/06/2022

Head of Global E&A, Graeme Bagley, shares results from annual State of Exploration report:

Westwood: Oil and gas exploration remained resilient in 2021 despite the accelerating energy transition

Energy News Bulletin 27/05/2022
EOG Asia 27/05/2022
Rigzone 27/05/2022
Energy Northern 26/05/2022
Offshore Energy 26/05/2022
Offshore Industry 26/05/2022
Offshore Magazine 26/05/2022
OGV Energy 26/05/2022
Oil Price 26/05/2022
Oilfield Technology 26/05/2022
Oil and Gas People 26/05/2022
Oriental News 26/05/2022
World Oil 26/05/2022

Westwood’s partnership announcement with world-leading energy forum:

Frontier Energy Network Announces New Partnership Member

Frontier Energy 25/05/2022

Featuring analysis from Westwood’s ‘North Sea of Opportunity’ event:

North Sea: 48 discoveries and 2.3 billion barrels – why aren’t they being developed?

Energy Voice 23/05/2022

An insight into offshore rig utilisation from Teresa Wilkie, RigLogix Research Director:

Westwood: Offshore Drilling Rig Utilization Much Higher Than Typically Reported

Offshore Engineer 17/05/2022
Journal of Petroleum Technology 18/05/2022

Mark Adeosun explores US GoM field development projects:

Zero big oil and gas projects expected to get FIDs in offshore Gulf of Mexico in 2022

Houston Business Journal 12/05/2022

Senior Analyst Ruth Chen’s APAC offshore wind outlook:

Westwood Insight – Asia Pacific set for substantial 123% growth in offshore wind spend

Energy-Pedia 10/05/2022

Westwood’s new land rig rate data with analysis from Todd Jensen:

Westwood gives onshore rig operators a leg up with global dayrate data and insights

Oil and Gas Engineering 09/05/2022
Energy Voice 06/05/2022
Energy Northern 05/05/2022
OGV Energy 05/05/2022
Oil Review Middle East 05/05/2022

UK E&A well update sources Westwood data:

UK Well Slot: Dana Petroleum spuds Barra South appraisal well

Energy Voice 02/05/2022

The growth in E&P upstream capex according to Mark Adeosun:

E&P spending recovering, supported by Middle East rig demand

Offshore Magazine 29/04/2022

Head of Offshore, Thom Payne, discusses the O&G market outlook:

Expert Insight: A demand supported by massive investments

Bourbon Offshore 25/04/2022

Westwood analysis cited in South African offshore exploration article:

Company with interest offshore Guyana targets 349 million barrels in southern Africa

Oil Now 20/04/2022

A new exploration hotspot has emerged, says Westwood:

Breakthrough discoveries off Namibia coast mirror Guyana basin oil play – Westwood

Oil Now 09/04/2022

Head of Global E&A, Graeme Bagley, quoted in Namibia deepwater discussion:

Gas, water depths could complicate Namibian field developments

Offshore Magazine 08/04/2022

Oil Review Africa Magazine features Westwood insight:

Is Namibia a global hotspot for exploration?

Oil Review Africa 05/04/2022

Westwood referenced in UK E&A well analysis:

UK well slot – Jaws duds, Edinburgh spuds

Energy Voice 04/04/2022

CNOOC’s “strategic shift” to sell UK portfolio and Yvonne Telford’s take:

Harbour Energy, NEO and Waldorf all ‘likely’ destinations for Cnooc assets

Energy Voice 04/04/2022

Mark Adeosun quoted for US GoM offshore EPC spend:

Is It Twilight for ­Deepwater US Gulf Megaprojects?

Journal of Petroleum Technology 01/04/2022

Reduced Offshore EPC Spend in US GoM this year, says Westwood:

Is It Twilight for Deepwater US Gulf Megaprojects?

Northdakota News 31/03/2022

Teresa Wilkie on her return to Westwood’s RigLogix team:

Westwood bolsters rig market capabilities with new senior appointment

Energy Northern 31/03/2022
Energy Voice 31/03/2022
Global Underwater Hub 31/03/2022
Offshore Source 31/03/2022
Offshore Engineer 31/03/2022
OGV Energy 31/03/2022
Oil and Gas Australia 31/03/2022
Upstream 31/03/2022

Plans to phase out Russian imports and what the future of the North Sea looks like:

Boris Johnson has few quick fixes to deliver UK energy security

Financial Times 17/03/2022

Western Europe EPC spending levels in 2022 according to Analyst Daniel Sidwell:

Westwood Global – Western Europe subsea EPC spend in 2022 expected to hit highest level since 2013

Energy Voice 03/03/2022

Westwood quoted in offshore wind turbine installation discussion:

Offshore wind market propels demand for heavy-lift vessels

Brazil Energy Insight 02/03/2022

Senior Analyst Jamie Collard shares his insight on recent offshore discoveries:

Guyana and Suriname exploration drilling to pick up the pace in 2022

Upstream 24/02/2022

Offshore drilling returning to pre-pandemic levels, in an interview with Alex Middleton:

SubseaExpo 2022: OGV Energy Interview

OGV Energy 22/02/2022

Technical Manager Alyson Harding quoted in Cambo discussion:

With the Cambo licence due to expire soon, what options are open to Siccar Point?

Energy Voice 18/02/2022

Stuart Leitch comments on UK assets electrifying:

Power play: UK North Sea industry up for the challenge of electrifying oil and gas platforms

Upstream 17/02/2022

The Financial Times references Westwood in the climate change debate:

Medical leaders call on UK ministers to end new fossil fuel exploration

Financial Times 14/02/2022

Yvonne Telford comments on the UK’s reliance on foreign oil and gas supply:

UK’s reliance on gas imports to increase to 70% by 2030

Financial Times 10/02/2022

The saturated FPSO market according to Mark Adeosun:

Analysts predict surge of idle FPSOs as market overflows

Brazil Energy Insight 08/02/2022
Energy Voice 08/02/2022

The Malaysian Reserve references Westwood’s Global Offshore Rig Market Report:

O&G thematic dependent to crude oil price

The Malaysian Reserve 08/02/2022

David Linden & Ricardo Grandas-Vargas address the complexity associated with hydrogen projects:

Northwest Europe assesses feasibility of hydrogen marketplace

Offshore Magazine 01/02/2022

Renewed offshore investment in an article from Thom Payne & Mark Adeosun:

Offshore industry enters new year with renewed optimism

Offshore Magazine 01/02/2022

Global offshore rig market is the basis for this Offshore Digital article featuring analysis from Alex Middleton:

Westwood: Offshore Drilling Market Bounces Back

Offshore Engineer 26/01/2022

Alex Middleton discusses the global offshore rig market with Oil & Gas Journal:

Westwood: Offshore investment in 2021 returned to pre-pandemic levels

Oil & Gas Journal 26/01/2022

OGV Energy writes on the global oil and gas demand following launch of Westwood report:

Market Conditions Are Improving for Drilling and Well Services

OGV Energy 24/01/2022

Westwood outlines key offshore wind themes to watch in 2022:

Westwood Eyes China, Other Investment for Offshore Wind Boost in 2022

Journal of Petroleum Technology 24/01/2022

Six Key Offshore Wind Themes to Watch in 2022 – Westwood

Offshore Wind Biz 20/01/2022

Senior Global E&A Analyst Jamie Collard’s insight into high impact exploration:

BP and Rosneft are the only companies on the podium of the new discoveries of 2021 [Translated]

Energia Oltre 22/01/2022

Westwood Insight – 2021 High Impact Exploration – lowest discovered resource outside Russia for more than a decade

Energy-Pedia 20/01/2022

BP, Rosneft Were Only Firms With Over 1 Billion Barrel Oil Finds In 2021

Oil Price 20/01/2022

Lower-Risk Exploration Yields Smaller Discoveries

Journal of Petroleum Technology 19/01/2022

High-impact drilling focused on the Americas, Africa

Offshore Magazine 19/01/2022

David Linden’s Energy Transition Insight on hydrogen appears in ReCharge magazine:

Green/blue hydrogen projects require strong ‘business case facilitators’ to reach financial close, says analyst

ReCharge 04/01/2022


Yvonne Telford, of Westwood’s Offshore team speaks about the UK’s production decline:

Analysis: Oil and Gas Future Darkens in UK North Sea After Shell Leave Cambo

ExBulletin 6/12/2021

Westwood commentary on Shell’s departure from the Cambo oil development:

ANALYSIS-UK North Sea’s oil and gas future darkens after Shell’s Cambo exit

NASDAQ 6/12/2021

Thom Payne, Head of Offshore, discusses OPEC+’s decision to increase oil production in January:

Oil prices hitting $100 a barrel wasn’t in the cards, says analyst

CNBC International 3/12/2021

Westwood’s Head of Energy Transition, David Linden is quoted speaking about hydrogen:

Offshore Wind, Green Hydrogen ‘Nice-to-Haves’ for Oil & Gas Majors as Hydrocarbon Production Moves Towards Its Peak – Westwood

Offshore Wind Biz 24/11/2021

Westwood analysis on oil and gas consumption and production forms an article for Oil Now:

Oil and gas consumption driven largely by countries without legally binding net zero commitments – Westwood Energy

OilNow 21/11/2021

Head of RigLogix, Terry Childs, writes for Offshore Engineer:

Westwood: How Maersk Drilling/Noble Rig Fleet Stacks Up Against Rivals

Offshore Engineer 15/11/2021

North Sea drilling analysis from Westwood is the basis of an article for the Journal of Petroleum Technology:

The Offshore Drilling Comeback Takes the Road Less Profitable

Journal of Petroleum Technology 15/11/2021

Westwood’s Offshore team discuss Noble and Maersk’s merger:

Analyst reviews prospects for Noble/Maersk combination

Offshore 15/11/2021

David Linden, Westwood’s Head of Energy Transition, contributes to a Whitepaper on the role of offshore wind in oil & gas’ energy transition:

The role of offshore wind in O&G’s energy transition

DLA Piper 11/11/2021

Energy Voice look at Westwood’s analysis on Norwegian drilling activity:

Norway wellslot: Four exploration wells active

Energy Voice 03/11/2021

RigLogix’ Terry Childs and Alex Middleton write in Drilling Contractor Magazine on rig utilistation:

Offshore rig utilization continues upward trend, but not all regions seeing bumps in dayrates yet

Drilling Contractor 03/11/2021

Energy Voice look at Westwood’s analysis on UK drilling activity:

UK wellslot: Three wells active in North Sea

Energy Voice 03/11/2021

Westwood’s World Land Drilling Rig Market Forecast provides the basis for an article in Drilling Contractor:

International onshore rig demand to see slow recovery through 2025

Drilling Contractor 03/11/2021

Westwood analysis on production and consumption of oil and gas is used in an article by OGV Energy:

Westwood: ~55% of oil and gas production and ~45% of consumption driven largely by countries without legally binding net zero commitments

Offshore Engineer 14/10/2021
Energy Northern Perspective 28/10/2021

Hart Energy discusses David Linden’s comments on oil and gas companies approaching sustainable energy:

‘Shades of Green’: How Oil and Gas Is Approaching Sustainability

Hart Energy 20/10/2021

David Linden writes in Offshore Engineer on the topic of oil & gas infrastructure, in the context of reaching net-zero by 2050:

How to Ensure Oil & Gas Infrastructure Still Has Value

Offshore Engineer 14/10/2021
OGV Energy 27/10/2021

Harry Dye writes on exploration activity in the UK North Sea:

Exploration and appraisal wells in the UK North Sea

Energy Voice 01/10/2021

The Financial Times writes on carbon capture with comments from Westwood’s Head of Energy Transition, David Linden:

Carbon capture is key to net zero. Here’s how we can achieve it

Financial Times  28/09/2021

David Linden discusses net-zero in the Financial Times:

Net zero: we need more than one technology to get there

Financial Times  28/09/2021

Graeme Bagley speaks with regard to Eni’s activity in Angola:

Eni’s ILX plans continue run of success with Cabaca North

Energy Voice  24/09/2021

Hart Energy cover Westwood’s recent webinar on rig market utilization:

Webinar: Inching Toward Higher Rig Utilization

Hart Energy  21/09/2021

Head of Offshore, Thom Payne, appears on CNBC to discuss the outlook for the oil market:

Oil prices may hit $80 per barrel in the short term, says Westwood Global Energy

CNBC News  15/09/2021

Westwood Insight from Ben Wilby on the global land drilling rig market is picked up in Hellenic Shipping News:

Global land rigs demand on a path to 30% increase by 2025 from nadir of 2020

Hellenic Shipping News  9/09/2021

Worldwide Oil & Gas cover Ben Wilby’s Westwood Insight on the global land drilling rig:

Westwood projects slow recovery for land rigs after 2020 downturn

Worldwide Oil & Gas  3/09/2021

Ben Wilby’s commentary on global land drilling rig goes into an article for Oilfield Technology:

Westwood: slow recovery for global land rig demand expected

Oilfield Technology  3/09/2021

Comments from Arindam Das are used in a Wind Power Monthly article on oil and gas and wind collaboration:

Wind power sectors and fossil-fuel giants – friends or foes?

Wind Power Monthly 2/09/2021

Ben Wilby writes in OGV Energy on the global land drilling rig market:

Westwood: slow recovery for land rigs after catastrophic 2020

OGV Energy 2/09/2021

Jamie Collard’s key wells to watch in Guyana are highlighted in an article on Guyana Times:

Tanager-1 well plugged by Exxon could contain over 65m barrels of oil

Guyana Times 30/08/2021

Press and Journal discuss Westwood’s comments on DAC:

Question mark over Direct Air Capture tech’s viability

The Press and Journal 31/08/2021

Analysis from Westwood on North Sea oil & gas discoveries used in an article in The Times:

Dilemma over new North Sea projects

The Times 31/08/2021

Westwood’s commentary on DAC covered in Energy Voice article:

Westwood Global – Price of Direct Air Capture could make it a ‘non-starter’

Energy Voice 31/08/2021

Arindam Das provides commentary on the approach to a low-carbon future by US companies :

Big oil plots a new path as tide turns on fossil fuels

Wind Power Monthly 27/08/2021

Bunker Ports News Worldwide pick-up the launch of the new Westwood Land Drilling report:

World Land Drilling Rig Market Forecast 2021-2025

Bunker Ports News Worldwide 25/08/2021

UK discoveries highlighted by Westwood in a Press and Journal article on global subsea tree demand:

Subsea trees expected to be in demand

Press and Journal 25/08/2021

Westwood analysis included in an article published on Pipeline & Gas Journal:

2021 Midyear International Outlook: Pipeline Construction & Market Trends

PGJ Online 11/08/2021

Data from Westwood’s SubseaLogix is used in an article from Energy Voice:

Cambo and Tain projects in UK to bolster global subsea orders in Q3

Energy Voice 11/08/2021

Joe Killen quoted on 2021 FIDs in OilPrice.com:

2021 has been a blockbuster year for offshore oil and gas

Oil Price 9/08/2021

Kat Symes’ Westwood Insight is covered in several news outlets:

Key considerations for newbuilds in the offshore wind installation vessel market

Hellenic Shipping News 6/08/2021
Journal of Petroleum Technology 6/08/2021
KeyFacts Energy 5/08/2021

Offshore Magazine pick-up Kat Symes’ Westwood Insight on supply chains:

Local content, technology advances affect newbuild installation vessel strategies

Offshore 6/08/2021

Michelle Gomez, Paul Ezekiel, Mark Adeosun & Thom Payne’s article looking at offshore investment is published in Offshore Magazine:

Offshore oil and gas capex expected to reach $63.1 billion

Offshore 1/08/2021

Analyst Dominic Stirling quoted on environmental backlash risk to some UK offshore projects:

North Sea EPC spend to top £2.8bn in 2021, about £1.8bn still to come – Westwood Global

Energy Voice 31/07/2021

Westwood data used in an article on Mexico Business News:

BHP Will Not Leave Trion

Mexico Business News 28/07/2021

Analysis from Westwood is quoted in New Straits Times:

Bumi Armada to generate stable cash flow from long-term FPSO contract extensions

New Straits Times 21/07/2021

Arindam Das and Ben Wilby discuss North American pipelines in the Financial Post:

North America about to turn into a graveyard of mega pipeline projects

Financial Post 21/07/2021

Westwood’s latest Global Floating Production Systems report is covered by OGN News:

Report suggests 30 FPSOs to be available by 2022 end

OGN News 1/07/2021

Dave Moseley comments on the Tiger Lily prospect off Shetland:

Equinor first to start drilling a UK North Sea exploration well in 2021

Energy Voice 25/06/2021

Westwood’s latest edition of the World Pipeline Market Forecast report is discussed in World Pipelines magazine:

Pipeline installations spend to increase by 10% to US$45 billion in 2021

World Pipelines 17/06/2021

Westwood’s joint report with Braemar is picked-up in Offshore:

Offshore support vessel owners facing tough decisions, report claims

Offshore 3/06/2021

The new Global OSV Report, written with Braemar appears in Offshore Engineer magazine:

Report: Global OSV Market Facing Utilization Challenge, Despite Demand Recovery

Offshore Engineer 2/06/2021

Westwood report gets a mention in France 24 & Bangkok Post articles on Energy Transition:

Oil majors vow energy transition – at their own pace

France 24 2/06/2021
Bangkok Post 2/06/2021

Jamie Collard’s analysis on Indonesian prospects is covered in Upstream:

Repsol sells Malaysia and Vietnam upstream assets

Upstream 1/06/2021

The Westwood Insight on offshore wind and integrated E&Ps is printed by Hellenic Shipping News:

Integrated E&Ps rapidly accelerate offshore wind market share

Hellenic Shipping News 25/05/2021

OGV Energy cover Westwood’s analysis in Westwood’s Global Floating Production Systems report:

Westwood: record number of FPSO licenses set to expire in 2022

OGV Energy 19/05/2021

Westwood’s State of Exploration 2021 report is discussed by Demerara Mutual:

Liza could be last major frontier oil play discovered in the world – Westwood

Demerara Mutual 14/05/2021

Offshore magazine quote from Westwood’s ‘Five Year Exploration Outlook’ webinar:

Frontier drilling has a future in energy transistion, Westwood claims

Offshore 3/05/2021

Energy Voice discuss Dr Keith Myers’ commentary during the Westwood “Five Year Exploration Outlook” webinar:

‘Plenty’ of demand for new oil discoveries likely in 2026, says Westwood Global

Energy Voice 29/04/2021

World Oil cover the press release accompanying the launch of the new WindLogix platform:

Westwood: Offshore wind FIDs to skyrocket 57% outside China by 2022

World Oil 27/04/2021
WindTech International 27/04/2021
GreenTech Lead 27/04/2021
Energy Voice 27/04/2021

The press release covering Westwood’s recent release of WindLogix:

Offshore Wind FIDs to Increase by 57 Per Cent by 2022 – Westwood

OffshoreWind.biz 27/04/2021
ReNews.biz 27/04/2021
Global Energy Infrastructure 27/04/2021

Vikesh Mistry’s Westwood Insight on farm-outs is picked up in Offshore Magazine:

Farm-outs down but drilling success rates higher, report claims

Offshore Magazine 22/04/2021

David Linden is quoted on oil & gas companies investing in offshore wind:

Chevron Joins Growing List of Oil and Gas Companies Investing in Offshore Wind

Power Mag 22/04/2021

Joe Killen’s webinar comments on drilling activity are quoted in Hart Energy article:

Oil Exploration, Appraisal Outlook Appears Promising after ‘Savage Year’

Hart Energy 4/04/2021

Terry Child’s drillship utilisation Westwood Insight is picked-up in Energy Voice:

Drillships back to pre-Covid levels as owners test $200k ‘ceiling’ on day rates

Energy Voice 1/04/2021

David Linden & Arindam Das quoted in OGV Energy on the topic of oil & gas majors looking into energy transition:

Oil and Gas Majors Focus on Renewables Energy, Hydrogen, and Carbon Capture

OGV Energy 1/04/2021

Westwood’s Global Drilling & Well Services Expenditure Forecast is picked-up in an article from Offshore Magazine:

Latin America to propel offshore drilling revival

Offshore 1/04/2021

Terry Childs’ Westwood Insight on drillship utilisation is covered in several places:

Drillship demand set to continue slow recovery

Offshore 30/03/2021
Argentera Oil & Gas 30/03/2021

Oil Price write on offshore spending, quoting Westwood’s Head of Offshore, Thom Payne:

Offshore Oil & Gas Spending Set to Jump to $44 Billion in 2021

OilPrice 25/03/2021

Riviera discuss Thom Payne’s presentation on EPC spending at the Annual OSJ Virtual Conference:

Rigs report: EPC spending will rise 250% over 2020, says analyst

Riviera 24/03/2021

The latest edition of the Drilling & Wells Services market report is summarised in Drilling Contractor:

Westwood forecast: Global oilfield spending to reach $156 billion in 2021

Drilling Contractor 22/03/2021

Jamie Collard’s Westwood Insight on natural gas as a part of Energy Transition:

Oil dominating 2021 exploration plans

Offshore Magazine 18/03/2021

Westwood analysis on EPC bounce-backs in 2021 is quoted by Seeking Alpha:

Susbea 7: The Trend Is Your Friend And So Are The Fundamentals

Seeking Alpha 7/03/2021

GuyanaPress carry commentary on Guyana exploration drilling from Keith Meyers and Jamie Collard:

Guyana Oil Exploration Drilling Set To Soar 2021, Really Busy Year Predicted

GuyanaPress 23/02/2021

GuyanaPress carry commentary on Guyana exploration drilling from Keith Meyers and Jamie Collard:

Statoil to explore north of Sleipner

Offshore 21/02/2021

Westwood’s Insight on scaling renewables is covered widely in industry news:

Total to outpace Iberdrola and Ørsted on renewable power capacity by 2030

Pipeline Oil & Gas News 16/02/2021
WindTech International 15/02/2021
PES 15/02/2021
Rigzone 15/02/2021
Upstream Online 15/02/2021
OGV Energy 15/02/2021
Energy Voice 15/02/2021
Energy Northern Perspective 15/02/2021
Transition Economist 16/02/2021
Key Facts Energy 15/02/2021
Riviera 16/02/2021
ReNews 15/02/2021

Westwood analyis appears throughout OGV’s article on subsea investment:

Subsea Industry Cautiously Optimistic for 2021

OGV Energy 09/02/2021

Thom Payne’s Westwood Insight on offshore investment is covered by Offshore Magazine:

Offshore EPC awards set for revival in 2021

Offshore 02/02/2021

Upstream Online write an article on Thom Payne’s Westwood Insight regarding offshore investment:

Offshore EPC market set for rebound after ‘torrid 2020’

Upstream Online 01/02/2021

RigLogix rig data quoted in Riviera article looking at oil and gas leases:

Rigs report: Biden expected to place year-long moratorium on oil and gas leases

Riviera 26/01/2021

Guyana Standard address the Westwood Insight looking at High Impact exploration:

Total, Shell, Exxon to be most active high impact explorers in 2021

Guyana Standard 19/01/2021

Journal of Petroleum Technology refer to Westwood’s list of high-impact wells for 2021:

After Another Discovery in Suriname, Apache and Total Change Direction

JPT 18/01/2021

Westwood’s webinar on “Key Wells to Watch” is picked up in Energy Voice’s article on UK North sea wells:

UK North Sea exploration well tipped as ‘one to watch’ in 2021 by Westwood Global

Energy Voice 13/01/2021

Westwood’s Insight forms the basis of Rigzone’s article on Key Wells to Watch in 2021:

Key Wells to Watch in 2021

Rigzone 12/01/2021

OGV Energy refer to David Linden’s Westwood Insight, with regard to collaboration between offshore oil and gas and offshore wind sectors:

Rigging & Lifting: Equipment and Service Providers Brace for Another Year of Uncertainty

OGV 11/01/2021

Key Wells to Watch Insight is picked up by Oil Now:

Bulletwood, Bonboni key wells to watch as exploration takes off in the Americas this year

OilNow 11/01/2021

Graeme Bagley’s Westwood Insight is covered by Offshore Magazine:

Americas to lead high-impact drilling

Offshore 11/01/2021


Offshore Magazine writes on investment in the UK and Norwegian offshore sectors:

Norway, UK heading for offshore pickup in 2021

Offshore 18/12/2020

Offshore Magazine writes on investment in the UK and Norwegian offshore sectors:

Norway, UK heading for offshore pickup in 2021

Offshore 18/12/2020

Westwood analysis cited in article on exploration drilling:

Exploration drilling activity expected to recover in 2021, says Westwood Global

Energy Voice 18/12/2020

Westwood mentioned in an article on Expro News:

NCS exploration delivers good results

Expro News 8/12/2020

Westwood Insight on stalled resources is referenced in a column on Stabroek News:

Deepwater success, global failures and political economy

Stabroek News 5/12/2020

Peter Heath’s Westwood Insight on environmental impact is covered in Brazil Energy Insight:

Tracking the Environmental Impact of the Oil and Gas Supply Chain

Brazil Energy Insight 24/11/2020

Upstream Online interview Westwood’s newly appointed Head of Energy Transition, David Linden:

‘It’s inevitable, and it’s started’: Westwood’s Linden minding the gaps in energy transition

Upstream 23/11/2020

The Westwood Insight on emissions is covered by Offshore magazine:

Oilfield service groups stepping up action on emissions

Offshore 23/11/2020

Energy Voice write an article on Westwood’s recent look at oilfied service companies emission targets:

Baker Hughes leads oil field services firms on emissions reduction targets

Energy Voice 23/11/2020

Oil Now discuss farm-outs based on Westwood analysis:

Small companies often farm-out acreage to raise capital

Oil Now 18/11/2020

Offshore magazine look at the Westwood Insight on offshore collaboration:

UK offshore sector needs collaboration to capitalize on renewable energy

Offshore 17/11/2020

Oil and Gas Facilities look at Terry Childs’ Westwood Insight on Drillship Attrition:

Lifetime Revenue vs. Construction Cost—a Metric for Assessing Drillship Retirements

OGF 9/11/2020

Energy News Bulletin covers drillship retirements:

Choppy seas ahead for offshore drillers

ENB 6/11/2020

Energy-Pedia News writes on the Westwood Insight looking at drillship attrition:

Drillship attrition – lifetime revenue vs construction cost – Westwood Insight

Energy-Pedia News 05/11/2020

Hart Energy report on Westwood’s recent insight into stalled resources:

Study Shows $65 Billion Worth of Oil, Gas Resources Remain Stalled

Hart Energy 05/11/2020

Riviera look at global deepwater drilling activity numbers from Westwood’s RigLogix platform:

Rigs report: Dolphin Drilling secures NCS award, but another offshore driller files for Chapter 11.

Riviera 4/11/2020

Midland Reporter cover Westwood’s report on frac crew numbers:

Rise in frac crews is seen as welcome news.

Midland Reporter 31/10/2020

Oilfield Technology pickup the Westwood Insight on the Premier Oil reverse takeover by Chrysaor:

Westwood Global Energy Group comments on Premier Oil reverse takeover by Chrysaor – part two.

Oilfield Technology 20/10/2020

Rigzone, World Oil & Offshore Engineer all cover the press release of David Linden’s appointment as Westwood’s new Head of Energy Transition:

Energy data and intelligence company Westwood Global Energy Group (Westwood) has appointed David Linden to the newly-created role of Head of Energy Transition.

Offshore Engineer 16/10/2020
World Oil 14/10/2020
Rigzone 14/10/2020

Energy Voice feature Westwood’s latest Westwood Insight, looking in-depth at the Premier Oil and Chrysaor merger:

The Chrysaor-Premier Oil mega merger won’t mark the end of Chrysaor’s acquisition spree, according to the top consultant at Westwood Global.

Energy Voice 09/10/2020

Offshore cover Keith Myer’s Westwood Insight on BP and their plans for net zero:

BP’s goal of achieving net zero for the carbon content of its upstream oil and gas production by 2050 or earlier is one of the most radical of any IOC, according to Westwood Global Energy Group.

Offshore 06/10/2020

Upstream discusses Keith Myers recent Westwood Insight on BP’s net zero ambitions:

The share price of BP, which intends to cut production at a faster rate than its own scenarios suggest is necessary to align with the Paris Agreement, has fallen by 53% in the past 12 months, according to analysts at Westwood Global Energy Group.

Upstream 6/10/2020

Riviera look at Riglogix data on labour unrest impacting Norwegian oil production:

While the labour unrest is impacting oil production out of Norway, overall global offshore drilling was up in week 41 2020, according to RigLogix data from Westwood Global Energy Group. Globally, the number of offshore jack-up rigs rose two week-on-week to 326, the highest level in five weeks, strengthened by activity in the Middle East.

Riviera 5/10/2020

Energy Voice features Dave Mosely on UK exploration wells:

Westwood Global Energy reports that as of September 30 there was one exploration well active in the UK. So far in 2020, four exploration wells have completed. There has been no appraisal drilling to date this year.

Energy Voice 02/10/2020

Energy Voice quotes Alyson Harding on UKCS exploration drilling:

UK offshore exploration drilling is on course to slump this year to its lowest level since companies starting scouring the North Sea for oil in the mid-1960s.

Energy Voice 29/09/2020

Offshore Magazine referenced a recent webinar:

A webinar organized by the consultants, “How has the UK and Norway E&P sector reacted to the oil price crash – 6 months on?”, revealed that this year’s line-up of wells – some in potentially high –impact plays, had been decimated as UK operators responded to the oil price and COVID-19 by slashing exploration budgets.

Offshore Magazine 25/09/2020

Oil Review Africa summarized the events at the Africa E&P Summit:

Tom Perkins, acquisitions and divestitures, Stellar Energy Advisors; Keith Myers, president, research, Westwood Global Energy Group; Richard Hood, senior research analyst, Wood Mackenzie; Philip Birch, exploration director, Impact Oil & Gas discussed the ways the industry overcome the challenges and dynamics of Africa’s upstream.

Oil Review Africa 24/09/2020

Hart Energy referenced Westwood’s analysis of success rates of exploration prospects reported to have DHIs interpreted pre-drill globally since 2010:

Westwood analyzed stratigraphic trap exploration between 2008 and 2019 in 66 basins and in 113 different plays. It found that the pro- portion of exploration targets reported as involving stratigraphic traps increased from 12% in 2008 to 30% in 2019.

Hart Energy 23/09/2020

Oil Now quoted Jamie Collard, Graeme Bagley and Ili Afifuddin:

“If we start with Suriname and Guyana…Westwood has highlighted two wells – Sloanea and Tanager as key wells to watch. They are both targeting the upper cretaceous. Tanager is targeting an upper floor fan outward of the Liza discovery and Sloanea will be trying to extend the Liza play further up,” said Jamie Collard, Senior Analyst at Westwood Global Energy Group.

Oil Now 13/09/2020

Tampa Bay Times quoted Terry Childs:

Terry Childs, head of RigLogix at Westwood Global Energy Group, which tracks data on offshore drilling for energy companies, said they did not show much interest in the latest lease sales in the eastern Gulf of Mexico outside moratorium boundaries.

Tampa Bay Times 10/09/2020

Riviera also quoted Thom Payne and the recent APAC webinar:

“Will these three projects ever see the light of day?” questioned Westwood Global Energy Group head of offshore Thom Payne. Speaking during Westwood Global Energy’s webinar APAC Offshore Update, Mr Payne said the three projects could reappear in the forecast picture if market conditions improved. Westwood Global Energy forecasts spending of US$26Bn in EPC awards in the region over the five-year period from 2020 to 2024.

Riviera 10/09/2020

Offshore Technology quoted Arindam Das on his take of the recent Chevron deal:

Westwood Global Energy head of consulting Arindam Das says: “I think the Chevron/Noble transaction is an example of two things. One, the companies disclosed figures of $300m of synergies that are likely to be realized. But more importantly, there is a strategic fit. Noble’s portfolio across the onshore US, plus the eastern Mediterranean, is of great importance to Chevron.

Offshore Technology 07/09/2020

Riviera referenced RigLogix data:

Westwood Global Energy Group reports in its RigLogix data that there were 326 contracted jack-up drilling rigs for week 36 of 2020, an increase of two week-on-week. While Middle East activity held steady at 118 units, gains were registered in the North Sea and southeast Asia.

Riviera 02/09/2020

Offshore article looking at Westwood’s expectations for the floating production market:

Westwood Global Energy Group expects the floating production system (FPS) market to recover to $13 billion annually from 2021-24, assuming an average oil price of $60/bbl from 2022. This year, Westwood expects EPC awards for FPS projects to slump by 59% to just over $5 billion (against close to $13 billion), based on an average oil price of $37/bbl.

Offshore Magazine 01/09/2020

Hart Energy referenced Westwood at the start of the month:

Analyst Corner: Westwood Global Energy Group says explorers must recognize whether they have the right tools and processes to explore effectively for commercial finds.

Hart Energy 01/09/2020

Seeking Alpha quoted Westwood’s World Drilling and Production Market Forecast:

Altogether, the industry is seeing overall growth, with Westwood Global Energy Group determining that “in the medium to long term through 2025, global drilling activity will experience considerable growth, with more than 12,936 offshore development wells estimated to be drilled over the next five years.”

Seeking Alpha 30/08/2020

Hart energy quoted the recent Westwood Macro Outlook Q2 2020 webinar:

So far, there have been about 17 potentially commercial discoveries recorded this year from high-impact prospects targeting more than 100 million barrels of oil equivalent or frontier plays, according to Westwood Global Energy Group.

Hart Energy 27/08/2020

Riviera recounted Westwood’s participation in their Offshore Rig Market Update: Is the worst behind us? webinar:

Westwood Global Energy Group head of offshore, rigs and wells Thom Payne and head of its specialist RigLogix, Terry Childs, formed the panel.

Riviera 19/08/2020

Riviera quoted Westwood and RigLogix data:

During week 34, Westwood Global Energy Group reported there were 322 offshore jack-up rigs contracted, up two units week-on-week.

Riviera 18/08/2020

Energy Intelligence quoted Graeme Bagley and Westwood data:

High-impact exploration was still a key part of BP’s portfolio, with the company pursuing major projects off Senegal and Mauritania. But its frontier positions were somewhat less expansive than those of some of its peers, according to Graeme Bagley, head of global exploration and appraisal for consultancy Westwood Global.

Energy Intelligence 07/08/2020

Hart Energy referenced Westwood Atlas data:

A Westwood analysis suggests that if the oil price remains below US$27/bbl for the remainder of the year, U.K. Continental Shelf production is not generating enough revenue to cover both operating costs and the planned 2020 capex (Figure 1).

Hart Energy 04/08/2020

Oil Price quoted Arindam Das on the upstream sector in U.S. shale:

According to Das, shale producers are the most vulnerable group within the oil and gas industry after oilfield service providers, along with smaller exploration and production companies in Western Canada.

Oil Price 03/08/2020

OGN News covered quoted Thom Payne and content from our recent Westwood Macro Outlook Q2 2020 webinar:

The effective cut could be nearer to 8-8.5 mbpd for August/September if the suggestion that serial non-compliers such as Nigeria and Iraq make up for any shortfalls in compliance in May and June, Thom Payne, Head of Offshore, Rigs & Wells, Westwood Global Energy Group, said.

OGN News 01/08/2020

Tank Terminals referenced Westwood Global Energy Group:

Westwood estimates that 3Q could see an average draw of 5.2mmbpd over the balance of the year, dropping to 1.6mmbpd for 1H2021.

Tank Terminals 26/07/2020

Energy Voice referenced Westwood Global Energy Group data:

For the oil markets, the first half of the year saw extraordinary swings in supply and demand, culminating in what is now thought to have been a staggering 22mbbpd of oversupply in April as OECD economies headed into lockdown and OPEC+ cuts dissolved.

Energy Voice 24/07/2020

Hellenic Shipping News quoted Westwood Global Energy Group data:

Westwood estimates that 3Q could see an average draw of 5.2mmbpd over the balance of the year, dropping to 1.6mmbpd for 1H2021.

Hellenic Shipping News 24/07/2020

OGV Energy referenced Westwood Global Energy Group:

While data compiled by Westwood Global Energy Group showed that the number of floaters contracted in the North Sea during week 30 2020 fell from 23 to 20 week-on-week, the region was not without some positive developments.

OGV Energy 21/07/2020

Riviera also referenced Westwood Global Energy Group:

While data compiled by Westwood Global Energy Group showed that the number of floaters contracted in the North Sea during week 30 2020 fell from 23 to 20 week-on-week, the region was not without some positive developments.

Riviera 21/07/2020

FX Empire referenced the North Sea webinar:

This week several reports were published by leading offshore rig data experts, such as Westwood, indicating a major crisis emerging, while the light at the end of the tunnel is not yet seen.

FX Empire 17/07/2020

Yahoo! Finance referenced the North Sea webinar:

Globally, offshore drilling activity continued to slip in week 29 of 2020, with the number of jackup rigs dropping by one to 322 and floaters by one to 105, according to energy analyst Westwood Global Energy Group.

Yahoo! Finance 17/07/2020

World Oil referenced the FPS report:

Westwood Global Energy Group, the specialist energy market research and consultancy, has released research estimating FPS contract awards will rebound to $13bn annually from 2021-24, underpinned by an anticipated average oil price of $60/bbl from 2022.

World Oil 16/07/2020

Riviera referenced RigLogix and the North Sea webinar:

Globally, offshore drilling activity continued to slip in week 29 of 2020, with the number of jackup rigs dropping by one to 322 and floaters by one to 105, according to energy analyst Westwood Global Energy Group.

Riviera 15/07/2020

Energy Voice referenced Westwood Global Energy Group:

Westwood Global Energy reports that there were four exploration and one appraisal well programmes active as of July 1.

Energy Voice 09/07/2020

Riviera referenced RigLogix data:

Westwood Global Energy Group reported that the number of contracted jack-up drilling rigs fell from 325 to 323 and floaters from 108 to 106 w-o-w. It was the fourth consecutive week the number of jack-ups and floaters fell, according to Westwood Global Energy’s RigLogix data.

Riviera 08/07/2020

Energy Voice quoted Westwood Global Energy Group:

However last week consultancy Westwood Global Energy Group said operators are expected to keep their “appetite” for high impact exploration drilling in coming years.

Energy Voice 07/07/2020

Energy Voice referenced the North Sea Exploration Performance webinar:

New research from Westwood has found high impact (HI) drilling – prospects targeting 100million barrels of oil equivalent or more – in the UK and Norway had just a 12% success rate between 2015 and 2019.

Energy Voice 03/07/2020

JPT referenced a WildCat and the State of Exploration 2020 report:

“Down but not out” is how Westwood Global Energy Group described exploration drilling in an article based on its State of Exploration 2020 Report. The Baker Hughes rig count provides supporting details. On 12 May, the data showed 339 active rigs in the United States—the lowest level since the rig count was introduced in 1987. On 1 June, the US count plunged to 301 in its 12th week of losses. At the worst of the 2014–2016 oil bust—the previous lowest point on record—404 rigs were operating.

Journal of Petroleum Technology 01/07/2020

Offshore Magazine Quoted Dave Moseley:

Dave Moseley, senior analyst NW Europe at Westwood, said exploration performance improved from a low in 2015, when there was a commercial success rate (CSR) of only 6% from 32 exploration wells drilled, to an average of 23% over the five-year period.

Offshore Magazine 30/06/2020

Riviera referenced a RigLogix report:

Globally, during week 26 of 2020 there were 329 contracted jack-up rigs and 111 floaters – semi-submersibles, drillships and mobile offshore drilling rigs, according to energy analysts Westwood Global Energy Group.

Riviera 24/06/2020

Australian Financial Review referenced a recent Westwood Insight:

BP expects the COVID-19 pandemic will have a lasting impact on the global economy and on oil and gas demand and as a result its management now assumes an average of about $US55 a barrel for Brent crude, down from…

Financial Review 18/06/2020

Riviera referenced RigLogix data:

For the week, energy analysts Westwood Global Energy Group reported oil companies in Latin America had contracted 24 floaters for deepwater development and exploration activity.

Riviera 17/06/2020

Offshore Engineer referred to a recent Westwood Insight:

BP’s announcement that it is going to write down the value of its exploration assets by $8-10 billion (56-70%) shows the accounting impact of its energy transition strategy.

Offshore Engineer 16/06/2020

Bloomberg quoted Keith Meyers:

“It is one of the gray areas of oil and gas accounting,” said Keith Myers, president of research at Westwood Global Energy Group. “It’s very much down to the discretion of an oil company to choose its oil-price forecast that it uses for impairment tests, and there’s no consistency between oil companies.”

Bloomberg 16/06/2020

Axios referred to a recent Westwood Insight:

Another [note of caution] is that BP’s prior long-term crude price assumptions — now slashed 27% to a Brent price of $55-per-barrel — were higher than some peers, per this note from the Westwood Global Energy Group.

Axios 16/06/2020

Energy Voice published a piece featuring a recent Westwood Insight:

Such a wide divergence in how E&Ps are seeing future oil prices and testing the value of assets on their balance sheet means that return on asset and return on capital employed comparisons are going to be difficult.

Energy Voice 16/06/2020

CNBC interviewed Thom Payne (video)

Westwood’s Head of Offshore, Thom Payne, spoke to CNBC following the OPEC+ production cut extension, and comments on the potential effect on oil storage and oil prices for 2020 and 2021.

CNBC 08/06/2020

Nairametrics also covered Thom Payne’s CNBC interview:

However, director and analyst from Westwood Global Energy Group, Thom Payne, has noted that Brent crude still needs to deal with its oversupply issues before it can successfully move on with its current price range of $40 and $50 per barrel.

Nairametrics 08/06/2020

Energy Voice published a summary of Westwood’s exploration well tracking:

Westwood Global Energy reports that there was one exploration well programme active as of May 27, plus one development programme with an exploration sidetrack planned. One exploration well programme was completed and one exploration well programme spudded in May.

Energy Voice 03/06/2020

RigLogix featured in Offshore Magazine at the start of the month:

The consensus among offshore drillers is that things will almost certainly get worse before they get better. This was the major conclusion of a recent report issued by Westwood Global Energy Group’s RigLogix service.

Offshore Magazine 01/05/2020

Offshore Magazine also quoted Kai Gruschwitz:

Kai Gruschwitz, senior analyst, Global E&A, expects ~60-70 high-impact exploration wells will be completed by the end of 2020, which would be back down to numbers last seen from 2016 to 2018 following the 2014 price crash.

Offshore Magazine 01/05/2020

Offshore Magazine also quoted Terry Childs:

Terry Childs, head of RigLogix, pointed out many companies are having to face up to debt payments due in 2021. One major rig owner believes nearly every public driller will be in Chapter 11 this year or next.

Offshore Magazine 01/05/2020

Energy Voice quoted Yvonne Telford:

Once the sector went through the initial pain of cutting costs and activities, companies turned their attention to spending money much more wisely, said Yvonne Telford, senior analyst, north-west Europe, at Westwood Global Energy Group.

Energy Voice 04/05/2020

The State of Exploration 2020 report was in the news this week:

Westwood Global Energy Group’s ‘State of Exploration 2020’ report reveals an increase in drilling globally last year, with improved performance in 2019.

Offshore 20/05/2020

The State of Exploration 2020 report featured in OE Digital:

Westwood has published its annual review of global exploration activity and performance over the last five years and the outlook for 2020 and beyond.

Offshore Engineer 20/05/2020

Arindam Das is featured in a podcast this month:

Mr. Arindam Das, head of consulting at Westwood Global Energy Group, discusses where energy sector companies must focus to meet capital markets’ new expectations, both to survive the downturn and to act advantageously as stabilizing markets present new opportunities.

World Oil 21/05/2020

Offshore Magazine quoted Thom Payne and his predicted slow progress on potential LNG projects in the APAC region:

Thom Payne, Head of Offshore Research in Singapore at Westwood Global Energy Group, said Japan’s INPEX, “had already gone back to the drawing board” on its Abadi LNG project in Indonesia’s Arafura Sea, would probably push the FID with partner Shell to 2022 at the earliest.

Offshore Magazine 01/04/2020

Energy Voice featured Westwood analysis:

Westwood analysis (Figure 1) suggests that if the oil price remains below US$27/bbl for the remainder of the year, UKCS production is not generating enough revenue to cover both operating costs and the planned capital expenditure in 2020.

Oil Price 03/04/2020

Yvonne Telford published a piece on COVID-19 challenges for E&Ps in the UK and Norway:

Westwood analysis (Figure 1) suggests that if the oil price remains below US$27/bbl for the remainder of the year, UKCS production is not generating enough revenue to cover both operating costs and the planned capital expenditure in 2020.

Offshore Engineer 03/04/2020

Offshore Technology quoted Yvonne Telford:

“There are two avenues that companies are thinking about right now,” said Yvonne Telford, senior analyst for north-west Europe at Westwood Global Energy, highlighting these issues. “The health and safety of the workers, maintaining the security of supply through this crisis; and also then looking at the oil price and the activities that are required and necessary.”

Offshore Technology 07/04/2020

Thom Payne is quoted by CNBC’s “Street Signs Asia”:

Thom Payne, director of consultancy Westwood Global Energy Group, said the U.S. oil industry is “fragmented.”

CNBC 06/04/2020

Marine Link featured Terry Childs and contract options in the offshore rig  market:

COVID-19 and low oil prices are already having an impact on the offshore rig market as contractors face crew and logistical challenges and E&Ps attempt to prioritize drilling campaigns.

Marine Link 15/04/2020

Oil Price reported Terry Childs’ thoughts on the offshore sector following historic oil price crash:

Westwood Global Energy Group also believes that the offshore drilling market faces tough times ahead. A month ago, Terry Childs, Head of Westwood’s RigLogix offshore rig intelligence service, said that “the number of idle rigs will increase substantially in short order.”

Oil Price 20/04/2020

Offshore Magazine quoted Wildcat and Westwood analysis from our recent Westwood Insight:

Exploration well numbers this year could be 35% down on 2019 levels, according to Westwood Global Energy Group.

Offshore Magazine 21/04/2020

CNBC’s “Street Signs Asia” quoted Thom Payne:

A group of oil-producing nations known as OPEC failed to reach a deal with its allies over oil output cuts following a meeting in Vienna on Friday. This led OPEC kingpin Saudi Arabia to slash its official selling prices for April and reportedly prepare for an increase in production.

CNBC 09/03/2020

Energy Voice quoted Dave Moseley:

Dave Moseley, senior analyst at Westwood Global Energy Group, said this will have cut recoverable reserves but there is potential nearby for more additions.

Energy Voice 03/03/2020

Energy Voice featured Terry Childs, head of RigLogix, in a piece focused on offshore drillers:

With the oil price crash and COVID-19, the near-term outlook for the offshore rig market is on a lot of minds.

Energy Voice 20/03/2020

RigLogix and Terry Childs predict things will likely get worse before they get better:

Westwood Global Energy Group has contacted various drilling rig owners on the likely repercussions of current market conditions.

Offshore Magazine 23/03/2020

JPT quoted James Jang and Energent analysis:

“By the end of 2020, horsepower demand in the Permian will fall to 2.9 million, a 46% decline from the year prior. Total frac crews by the end of 2020 will hover near 79 compared to 133 in the fourth quarter of 2019,” said James Jang, an analyst with Westwood

Journal of Petroleum Technology 26/03/2020

Keith Myers is featured in Energy Voice:

Keith Myers, head of research at market research and intelligence firm Westwood Global Energy group, warned the downtown may be …

Energy Voice 31/03/2020

Offshore featured forecasting remarks by Mark Adeosun:

Westwood Global Energy Group foresees a second consecutive year of growth in 2020 for the offshore oil and gas industry. Feb 14th, 2020. Offshore EPC …

Offshore Oil and Gas Magazine 14/02/2020

Hellenic Shipping News quoted PlatformLogix and SubseaLogix analysis and data:

Westwood Global Energy Group expects $63 billion (bn) of contract awards for new offshore O&G production infrastructure (subsea production systems, SURF, pipelines, fixed platforms and floating production systems) in 2020 – a 49% increase over 2019 and the highest in seven years.

Hellenic Shipping News 17/02/2020

Energy Voice quoted Arindam Das and Dominic Stirling:

Offshore analyst Dominic Stirling said “there is quite a big spike in 2023 and that’s from Equinor’s Rosebank project in the UK and also Equinor’s Wisting project in Norway”, reflecting capex for those developments.

Energy Voice 17/02/2020

Arindam Das is featured in a podcast this week:

But Arindam Das, head of consulting at Westwood Global Energy Group, also said he did not consider it a “major threat” in the short term.

Energy Voice 19/02/2020

Riviera quoted Thom Payne’s forecasting:

Westwood Global Energy head of offshore rigs and wells Thom Payne forecasts capital expenditure on new offshore projects will average US$131Bn per annum between 2020 and 2023, with Australia and Brazil leading the way.

Riviera 20/02/2020

Offshore Magazine referenced Westwood data:

Ninety-one high-impact wells were drilled globally last year, 36% up on the total for 2018, according to Westwood Energy.

Offshore Magazine 21/02/2020

David Moseley published a piece on active exploration wells drilling in the UK:

Westwood expects a similar level of exploration and appraisal drilling in 2020, with indications of 27 wells currently expected to be drilled.

Energy Voice 06/01/2020

Offshore featured a Westwood Insight dedicated to exploration:

Ninety-one high-impact wells were drilled globally last year, 36% up on the total for 2018, according to Westwood Energy.

Offshore Magazine 10/01/2020

Keith Myers shared his thoughts regarding extinction rebellion:

While the “energy transition and extinction rebellion” may have stimulated reflection in many E&P boardrooms last year, the impact on exploratory drilling was not apparent, according to Westwood’s Keith Myers, president of research.

Natural Gas Intelligence 13/01/2020

Energy News Bulletin referenced Westwood analysis:

ANALYSIS from Westwood Global Energy Group has revealed exploration drilling will continue to increase in 2020, despite backlash from environmentalists and the impending energy transition.

Energy News Bulletin 13/01/2020

NGI quoted Keith Myers and westwood analysis from a Westwood Insight:

This year, though, it may become clearer whether Mexico “will deliver the bounty” from IOCs, according to Westwood’s Keith Myers, president of research.

Natural Gas Intelligence 14/01/2020

Offshore featured Andrew Jackson and Wildcat’s review of direct hydrocarbon indicators (DHIs):

According to Andrew Jackson, analyst, Global Exploration & Appraisal at Westwood, evidence from the 2008-14 period shows that DHIs overall delivered lower success rates than the global benchmark.

Offshore Magazine 28/01/2020

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