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Aberdeen Drilling Consultants (ADC) is a family-owned, engineering consulting firm that has specialised in rig inspections for the past 30 years.

Identifying Business Opportunities

ADC obtained a subscription to RigLogix to satisfy their requirement to identify potential business opportunities with new clients. In this regard, it was imperative for ADC to have visibility of who is drilling, where and when. The earlier they can find out this information the earlier they can engage and build relationships with potential clients with the ultimate goal of supporting them with their rig intake and inspection requirements. Traditionally ADC has generated new leads by networking, and whilst this still is an effective way of identifying opportunities, ADC was looking for a way to optimise lead generation. This is where the use of RigLogix has been very successful for ADC.

Why RigLogix?

“In selecting a market intelligence tool, ADC compared other market intelligence providers to RigLogix. In the end, RigLogix proved to have the most complete and comprehensive data with an easy-to-use interface.”

Jason McGill, Business Development Manager, ADC

Within ADC, the Commercial Team utilises RigLogix to generate potential business opportunities. The team makes use of the email subscription option to receive emailed reports on a weekly basis. The prebuilt Rig Tender reports are particularly useful to ADC, as they allow for customisation to display only specific details pertinent to their needs. This enables quick identification of who has upcoming drilling campaigns and allows them to quickly formulate plans of action for capitalising on potential opportunities.

ADC has seen a significant return on their investment in RigLogix by winning several projects. Whether through lead identification or studying rig specifications and histories, ADC continues to impress their clients through the data provided by RigLogix.


For more information on how RigLogix supports clients in multiple aspects, such as identifying business development opportunities or historic utilisation trend analysis, contact the sales team [email protected]