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On behalf of a major oil and gas operator, Westwood provided a detailed review into the carbon capture and storage (CCS) landscape in Northwest Europe, with a particular focus on the countries bordering the North Sea.​

Project Brief

Provide a detailed overview of the CCS landscape in Europe with a particular focus on UK, Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands. Project specifics included:​

  • CCS in a regional context, including the status and evolution of the industry​
  • Total market potential, considering both emissions sources and storage potential​
  • Country specific decarbonisation strategy and the role of CCS​
  • Support mechanisms and business models in each country and how to stimulate private investment​
  • Insight into the CCS project pipeline with a review of existing carbon storage licenses

Westwood Approach

Westwood completed an assessment of the CCS market, leveraging our deep knowledge and experience of Northwest European energy markets – in particular the proprietary Atlas New Energies market intelligence solution covering CCS, hydrogen and offshore wind, as well as Cluster development.​

We conducted a comprehensive review of regulation, policy and business models at both an EU and country level, extracting the key facts, identifying risks and completing country level comparisons.

Project Outcome

At the time the Client was not currently active in the CCS market in Northwest Europe. Westwood’s analysis enabled the Client to quickly digest the status of the market, understand the nuances between the countries and assess the risks and market potential. Our report supported the Client in understanding which countries and projects might make strategic sense if they were to enter the CCS market in Northwest Europe.