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Project Briefing

The Client was considering growth opportunities outside of its home region and required an independent review of global basin exploration performance & opportunity.

The Client also wanted to understand potential partnerships with different players in each region and an understanding of above surface considerations.

Our Process

a) Understand the Client business

  • Discussions with Client to understand the key criteria for ranking subsurface and above ground risks.
  • Understanding of the Client’s key strengths and abilities, and the characteristics sought in potential new partners.

b) Understand the Client challenge, questions and problems to solve

  • Westwood collaborated with the Client to generate consistent criteria that could be applied across a global variety of basins and companies.

c) Assess how we could help

  • Westwood provided a quantitative screening of all global basins, including a review of recent exploration activity and performance, play distribution, maturity of the basin, and remaining resource potential.
  • Westwood also provided an indicative ranking of above-mentioned factors / criteria.
  • Westwood provided a benchmarking of key companies who could be considered for partnerships.

Delivering Insight

A bespoke study underpinned by Wildcat. This enabled the Client to:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the exploration performance of each basin and how each compare.
  • Gain an understanding of potential future upside that may exist in each basin and how the above ground risks rank.
  • Gain an informed view on potential partnership opportunities.

Westwood’s analytical and collaborative approach to communicating the key insights and conclusions from large quantities of data proved invaluable to the Client and has facilitated a strategic review of the Client’s exploration portfolio and growth plans.