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The Challenge

The Client was trying to closely follow closely new build projects particularly as they often support operators/owners with their Hazardous Area management for electrical components across their marine vessels.  

The Client needed insights into new build projects to help them make quicker investment decisions.

Our Process

a) Understand the client’s business

  • Supporting operators / owners with Hazardous Area management for electrical components across their vessels

b) Understand the client challenge / question / problem

  • Lack of visibility on current production facility locations and future activities

c) Assess how we could help

  • Provide insight into project movement
  • Detailed insight into updates on operating assets
  • With PlatformLogix along with the quarterly updates, the Client is able to better visualize which projects are impacted/delayed given recent events which is particularly relevant for them as are the updates on operating assets.

Delivering Insights

From working with the Client, we determined that PlatformLogix alongside quarterly updates was an optimal solution. This enabled the Client to:

  • Better understand which projects will be impacted/delayed
  • Efficiently support clients by understanding key updates on operating assets 
  • Effectively develop client business planning strategies
  • Enhance business development initiatives to develop a more robust pipeline