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Westwood’s latest white paper heralds an advancement in rig analytical tools and activity forecasting

Since the oil price downturn of 2014, the way in which companies are consuming information is changing. Quick, easy-to-use analytical tools are the order of the day, giving analysts and business leaders access to key insights in mere seconds rather than days and hours.

As part of a round of significant investment from Westwood, RigLogix has launched a new interactive forecasting tool for the global offshore rig market. RigOutlook, previously confined to a biannual PDF report, now gives users the ability to see forecast demand, supply, utilization and dayrates on a global and regional basis covering the next five years.

This white paper is intended to give you an introduction to Riglogix’ newest offering, highlight some initial outputs, as well as outlaying the methodologies, limitations and considerations.

The white paper considers the following elements;

  • Recent developments
  • Demand
  • Supply
  • Utilisation
  • Dayrates
  • RigOutlook Methodology
  • RigOutlook Forecast

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