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Presenting a joint session from Westwood and Braemar ACM Shipbroking on the global outlook for OSVs (offshore support vessels), based on the new Global Offshore Navigator report, available now.

Presenters for the session were Thom Payne (Westwood), Gareth Hector (Westwood), Mark Chesterfield (Braemar), Mike Jankowski (Braemar) and Ruturaj Thakar (Braemar)

Presented and recorded on Tuesday 15th June, 2021 over two sessions. Please note, this on demand video covers both sessions – see below for time stamps:

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0-00:35:00 Oil market in review, offshore O&G investment, rig outlook, offshore wind outlook, OSV global review, fleet rationalisation, supply/demand.

00:35:00 APAC and Middle East

00:49:00 Northwest Europe

00:57:20 Latin America