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Webinar Title Date Time (BST) Webinar Summary Agenda & Register
North Sea Exploration Performance – ON DEMAND Thursday, July 02 2020 10:00 A review of UK and Norway North Sea exploration activity and performance 2015 – 2019, plus results to date for 2020 and an outlook for the next 18 months. CLICK HERE
Westwood Macro Outlook – ON DEMAND Thursday, July 16 2020 14:00 Westwood’s Macro Outlook will focus on the crude Supply /Demand picture & pricing scenarios, E&P behaviour/s, snapshot of upstream M&A and capital markets (equity and debt) activity levels and the summary outlook for our core business areas – (i) Global E&A, (ii) North West Europe E&P, (iii) global onshore & offshore supply chain. CLICK HERE
Offshore Mexico – a promise yet to be fully realised – ON DEMAND Tuesday, July 21 2020 15:00 Mexico will be one of the global hotspots for exploration over the next few years. This webinar reviews the results of the first phase of activity and looks forward to what the future may hold for companies committed to explore in the Southern Gulf of Mexico. CLICK HERE
Offshore Rig Market Update – ON DEMAND Thursday, July 23 2020 14:00 Westwood’s global team of offshore rig experts discuss the current state of play and what’s next for the offshore drilling market. CLICK HERE
Offshore Energy Services Market Update – ON DEMAND Thursday, July 30 2020 15:00 Our Offshore Energy supply chain team provides an update on our current outlook for a range of markets across the value chain. CLICK HERE
Drilling & Well Services Outlook – ON DEMAND Thursday, August 06 2020 14:00 Join Ben Wilby and Jack Baxter for an overview of the Global Onshore Drilling & Well Services market, focusing on the top three countries for drilling activity and how the oil price collapse has affected them. CLICK HERE
APAC Offshore Market Update – ON DEMAND Thursday, August 13 2020 08:00 An update on the outlook for investment and activity across the APAC offshore energy value chain. CLICK HERE
International Land Rig Update – ON DEMAND Tuesday, August 18 2020 16:00 Update on the outlook for the international land drilling rig market over 2020-2024, including regional and country-level rig demand and utilisation levels. CLICK HERE
EMEA – HI Exploration and the Supply Chain Outlook – ON DEMAND Thursday, August 20 2020 10:00 During this session our analyst team will dive into the regional (e.g. North Sea, Africa, Eastern Med. etc.) specifics and outlook for High Impact Exploration and the developments in the supply chain with a focus on regional hotspots and areas with further potential downside risk. CLICK HERE
US Frac supply chain outlook – ON DEMAND Tuesday, August 25 2020 16:00 As we move into the summer months, we’ll dive into the frac sand supply chain as the industry took a devastating blow in Q2 2020 with many companies filing for bankruptcy. CLICK HERE
H1 Review: Key wells to watch – ON DEMAND Wednesday, August 26 2020 15:00 In this webinar we will review exploration activity and performance in the first half of the year and look forward at the key high impact wells to watch in the second half. CLICK HERE
World Oilfield Equipment Outlook – ON DEMAND Thursday, September 03 2020 14:00 During this presentation, Mark Adeosun, Ben Wilby and Jack Baxter will provide an overview of the World Oilfield Equipment Market, deep diving into the Tubular Goods sector for offshore and onshore, and how the oil price collapse has impacted spend. CLICK HERE
How has the UK and Norway E&P sector reacted to the oil price crash – 6 months on? – ON DEMAND Tuesday, September 22 2020 10:00 A review and outlook of the E&P sector in the UK and Norway following the impact of COVID-19 and the oil crash, covering its impact on production, developments, exploration and M&A activity. CLICK HERE

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