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Competition for the best exploration drilling opportunities remains intense. Westwood’s Farm-Outs service reduces the time it takes to identify deals and provides E&P companies with the vital information needed to succeed in the farm-out market, whether buying or selling.

Created for business development teams

Our mission is to enable our clients to prosper in the global farm-out market by providing insights into market trends and the value of available opportunities” We deliver this through a web-based service covering the global market with deal by deal analysis, metrics and regular reports on market trends. Having analysed the global farm-outs market since 1999 with a database of over 3,500 farm-out deals, Farm-Outs offers unique screening and early assessment resources to characterise new venture opportunities.

Key Features

  • Global Database includes:
    • A database of more than 3,500 Oil & Gas deals from around the world since 2000 including, typically, 450-500 live farm-out opportunities
    • Individual farm-out opportunities analysed with key information compiled into easy-to-compare reports on a weekly basis
  • Analytical Tool:
    • Search for active or historic deals by a variety of criteria, such as country, geology and net cost
    • Benchmarking of levels of promote and deal value
  • Reports and Insights: A reports stream includes a Market Watch Report and Farm-out benchmarking reports
  • Integration: Full integration with Westwood Global Energy Group’s Wildcat intelligence platform allows analysis of farm-out wells within a global drilling database
  • Frequency of Updates: Daily
  • Access to Experts: Engage with an experienced team of professionals

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