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A window into global exploration performance

Wildcat is an integrated business intelligence service comprising a comprehensive global database of high impact exploration wells, easy-to-use analytical tools and expert research reports that together provide a window into global exploration industry performance. Developed by Richmond Energy Partners, the Wildcat Service, accessible from your web browser, provides detailed analysis on key wells, plays and companies.  A 40 company peer group of active mid and large-cap exploration companies is used to track industry trends and for performance benchmarking. Its focus is on revealing what the industry is delivering from today’s technology and opportunity set. Exploration and key appraisal wells completed from 2008 onwards are included, together with some earlier key play openers, as well as planned wells for up to three years ahead. Planned wells are analysed by experienced explorers, including an assessment of pre-drill chance of success and prospective volumes.

Benefits of Wildcat

  • Keep track of what the industry is delivering from today’s technology and opportunity set and future trends
  • Easy access to informed analysis of key exploration and appraisal well results including an assessment of pre-drill risks and prospective volumes
  • Benchmark exploration and appraisal performance by company, play and basin, and identify emerging opportunities early
  • Identify analogue prospects to calibrate pre-drill risk analysis
  • Identify appraisal project analogues and learn from industry practices to reduce time to investment decision

Features of Wildcat

  • A global database of over 5,500 exploration and appraisal wells, updated twice a day
  • In-depth pre and post-drill analysis and for each well carried out by experienced explorers
  • Independent analogue based pre-drill risking by basin, play and trap type allows the user to calibrate in-house risking
  • Play by play exploration statistics – success rates, finding costs, discovery sizes and failure analysis
  • Forward looking analysis of key planned wells, frontier plays and company portfolios
  • Insightful, independent research notes by experienced exploration professionals


Gain quick and easy access to expert intelligence on international conventional oil and gas exploration for company strategy, business development and performance benchmarking.

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