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Energy Transition Survey – The results are in…

Over the course of July 2021, Westwood conducted a survey across a wide range energy related businesses on the Energy Transition. Here are the results (click each chart for a larger image).

Whilst in most cases, we see a clear majority view, some questions did prompt a more mixed response, such as respondents views of the ‘green barrel’ concept and the requirement for new oil and gas exploration. Reinforcing the fact that the Energy Transition is upon us, 84% of respondents said that their business is either currently assessing options and developing an action plan (51%), or indeed are already fully aligned (33%) to the Energy Transition, with just 11% not yet preparing, and 5% who don’t know.

Is the world in need of new oil and gas exploration?
How big a role with geothermal play in the future energy mix?
How important is the Energy Transition to your business?
What are the main Energy Transition Priorities for your business?
Is the concept of green barrels a good mechanism in the decarbonisation of the oil and gas industry?
Will hydrogen play a major role in the Energy Transition?
How prepared is your business for the Energy Transition?
How would you rate Westwood’s Energy Transition insights and podcasts?
Who took part?

115 individuals from a wide range of company types took part in the survey, including individuals from; National Oil Companies, National Governments, IOCs, independent exploration and production businesses, and a spread of supply chain firms such as marine services, EPCIs and OEMs.

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At Westwood, we are committed to helping the energy industry navigate the transition successfully, leveraging our extensive track record in providing actionable insight and advice that businesses, industry bodies and investors have relied upon time and time again.

Contact us to find out more on how we are supporting the industry, and how we are evolving our business to help you address the transition.